Instant Messaging via XMPP/Jabber

We provide an open XMPP/Jabber Server for all Users of b-it. you can login using your normal b-it account (with the LDAP PAssword, that is the same one you are using for or the mailserver). Most Clients should detect the necessary settings automatically, but in case you need them, find them here:

Protocol: XMPP or Jabber
Username: your username
Resource: can be anything (leave empty if unsure)
Password: Your LDAP Password
Connection Security: Require Encryption
Port: 5222
Connect Server:

You will receive some buddy lists automatically, b-it users will be able to see you and contact you immediately. Server to server communications are available, so you can contact XMPP users from other domains (i.e. on google talk, etc.). They will be able to contact you from the outside, too, if you so choose, of course.

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