Access the B-IT-Network through VPN (Windows)


The CISCO VPN Services will be deactivated soon! Please migrate to our OpenVPN Services instead.


All WLAN Options at b-it require the registration of your b-it account for PNAS@BIT prior to connection configuration of your mobile system at the following address:

Register for PNAS@BIT

At this point we emphasize the importance of correctly maintaining the connecting systems regarding the protection from virii, worms and the unauthorized access of third persons. Please consider our hints and installation assistance under “Security”!

At our download area you can find the Cisco VPN client for different operating systems (Linux, MacOSX, Windows 2000/XP). Because of licensing reasons the download is only available within the B-IT network.

In Windows unpack the self-extracting archive, double click onto “vpnclient_setup.msi” and follow the on screen instructions. (Be sure to have administrative rights). It is important to uninstall any previous versions of the Cisco VPN Client.

After the registration for PNAS@BIT an profile-file for your account is generated. This file contains your account-data and an pre-shared group-password, which is not allowed to be accessed by third. Simply right-click on the file “vpn@bit-stud.pcf” and choose “save link as..” to download the profile-file.
This file can be accessed again everytime, by re-registering for PNAS@BIT! The existing PNAS@BIT account is not affected by that.
Start the Ciso VPN Client.
Use the clients import function to import the just created profile-file. (You need administrative rights to import the profile but after that you can use it as ordinary user) You can repeat this for all your machines (e.g. home computer, personal laptop), as long as the integrity of the B-IT network is retained.
When you choose the profile and click on “Connect” the VPN-Connection into the B-IT should come up.
After successful “IKE Phase 1” of the IPSec connection establishment with the password of the profile-file, you will be prompted for your PNAS@BIT account-data. Always enter as username. Username and password are the same as the ones of the central user management of the Windows Active Directory Domain “BIT”.
The VPN System remains you, that you're now surfing with an IP-Address from within the B-IT network and that you are connected directly to the B-IT network through the VPN-Tunnel. When you accept this by pressing “continue” the vpn-concentrator will set your connection active.
If something goes wrong, please read our Cisco VPN Client FAQ.
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