General Requirements


The CISCO VPN Services will be deactivated soon! Please migrate to our OpenVPN Services instead.

Precondition for using the VPN ist a valid PNAS@BIT-Account. Additionally you need the the pcf-file, your group and the grouppassword. If you either haven't registered, can't remember your group or password, please register for PNAS@BIT.
All instructions are only valid for Ubuntu systems, but should be helpful for any systems having access to following programs:

  • vpnc
  • either vpnc2pcf for basic shell installation
  • or networkmanager and nm-applet with vpnc support

(please use your documentation considering differences in usage)

Access the B-IT-Network through VPN (Ubuntu)

Networkmanager VPNC support

To be able to use the Ubuntu Networkmanager to connect to the VPN, the package network-manager-vpnc-gnome is needed. To install open a Terminal and run:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install network-manager-vpnc-gnome

In case you are using Kubuntu you also need to use nm-applet. The Kubuntu network manager frontend is having problems importing the profile. After you installed it run nm-applet and follow the instructions below.


So you got your profile, the networkmanager supports vpnc and you got all your profile information:

Step 0 - Connect to network

Connect to your home or public network. In case of BIT this would be the wireless network VPN/WEB.

Step 1 - Open the VPN configuration dialog

Step 2 - Import your <profile>

Click “Import” and browse to the location of the file VPN@<group>.pcf and select it. (Please replace <group> with your group as noted above.) If you encounter the error “TCP tunneling not supported”, just close it and continue.

Step 3 - Edit settings

Now edit the VPN-settings (ignore if you do not need or wish to use vpn for internet access):

  1. click on the tab IPv4 Settings
  2. click the “Routes…” Button
  3. uncheck “Use this connection only for resources on its network”

Step 4 - Enable the VPN Connection

Step 5 - Enter credentials

Enter your <password> and your <grouppassword>. (the group password will be saved after first usage)

Access the B-IT-Network through VPN (Ubuntu, shell)

Please register to download the .pcf file from Register for PNAS@BIT. (you can always register again if you need a new .pcf file. In the code following replace:

  • §pcfpath§ : with the download location of your .pcf file
  • §pcfname§ : with the name of the .pcf file you downloaded (default VPN@BIT- … .pcf)
  • §profilename§ : with a name you want to give your vpnc connection

Installing the Profile

sudo su
apt-get install vpnc
cd §pcfpath§
pcf2vpnc §pcfname§ > /etc/vpnc/§profilename§

Using the Profile

sudo vpnc §profilename§

Note: The profile “default” is used if you omit §profilename§.

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