VPN on Apple iOS Devices (iPhones/iPads)


The CISCO VPN Services will be deactivated soon! Please migrate to our OpenVPN Services instead.

Since Version 3.0 of Apples iOS there is an integrated cisco VPN Client available for usage.

As we have no iOS device available for screenshooting, we are not able to provide you with action shots of the configuration process. Please follow these steps instead:

  1. open the Network settings and create a new VPN connection
  2. choose Cisco IPSec as the VPN type
  3. enter the following address as VPN gateway:
  4. enter the groupname and shared secret from your b-it wifi-registration process. If you do not know these anymore, you can repeat the registration as many times as you like to retrieve them again, this has absolutely no effect on your registration status.
  5. use your username including the domain part (username@bit.uni-bonn.de)
  6. use the same password which you issue during login to the windows systems at b-it.

Save the new VPN connection and activate it.

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