How To Print on the b-it Plotter

We have a plotter available which can print documents up to DIN-A0 in size. The plotter (a HP Designjet 800 PS) is available for all employees and affiliated Students who are involved in b-it working groups. The usage has to be granted by a member of b-it systems group if not already granted via the working group affiliation.

The process for plotting is the same as for printing on a standard printer at b-it. Prepare your document and tell your application to print it to “prt-plot-01”. If this printer is not available on your system, please contact the admin which is responsible for you, either the working group admin or a member of systems group b-it.

After your job has been submitted you have to verify the printout. This is necessary to prevent accidental printouts on the plotter, which tend to be expensive in nature. Follow this procedure to finish your plot:

  1. open a webbrowser
  2. Login using your b-it Account (the one you use for logging into the windows systems)
  3. Select “Jobs Pending Release” in the menu on the left
  4. Review the list you are presented with. Select “print” in the action column for the jobs you want to print. Select “cancel” for the jobs you printed accidentally.
  5. Log out using the “Log Out” menu item on the left side of the screen.

After you verified the jobs, they should print out immediately. Contact systems group b-it if you are experiencing any problems with this procedure.

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