Using The Scanner

At desk pool-a-04 a scanner is available for our students.

The scanner could be used this way:

First open the workplace. Start → My Computer
You can see the scanner in the area “Scanners und Cameras”.
Now perform a right click on the scanner and choose “Get picture using scanner wizard”.
You may have to confirm the installation of the scanner driver.
Receiving the message on the left you must confirm with “Next”…
Now you can choose if you want to scan your document in “Color” mode or in “Grayscale” mode.
You have to select whether you want to use the “Flatbed” or the “Document Feeder” from the list “Paper Source”.
After you have applied all your settings you can proceed by clicking “Next”.
If you have choosen the option “Flatbed”, you have to place your document into the scanner
If you have choosen the option “Document Feeder”, then place your documents into the automatic paper feeder.
Attention: Make sure that there are no staples or similar materials on the document. Because this will cause serious damage. Remember: We know who uses the scanner last.
Now the scanner begins scanning your document.
In the next dialogue you can set the filename and the path for the scanned document.
Confirm your settings proceed by clicking on “Next”.
Do not change the settings in the following window! Continue by clicking “Next”.
In the final window you can check once more the path where you save your document. You can edit your document by clicking on the blue text.
With a click on “Finish” you leave the scanner wizard.
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