Personal Network Access Services (PNAS@BIT)

The Personal Network Access Services at B-IT (PNAS@BIT) allows people of the B-IT to get access to the B-IT IP-Network and to the internet regardless of the used terminal.

There are two different protocols which can act as interface to the user:
802.1X and Virtual Private Network (VPN) and as a special case: VPN via 802.1X.

With the registration for PNAS@BIT, both procedures are offered parallel to the user. First we take a look onto the principle applications:

PNAS@BIT implies the access to the B-IT Network including the fundamentally IP-access via

  • selected ethernet ports of the house network (802.1X)
  • the WLAN in the B-IT building (802.1X or VPN)
  • more WLAN Hotspots of the University of Bonn (VPN)

as well as athe access to the B-IT network via

  • arbitrary existing internet connections (VPN)

Beyond that the participation at PNAS@BIT offer the possibility to get a spontaneously internet access (without further registration) at certain other organisations which have a 802.1X/Radius infrastructure in germany/europe. You can get access at:

  • special cooperating partners (at the moment the institute of computer science IAI at the university of bonn)
  • DFNRoaming-partners at the “Deutsches Wissenschaftsnetz” (as soon as the HRZ at the univeristy of bonn has created the conditions, so that the university can participate at the DFN proxy.

With such internet connection (802.1X) it will be possible to connect the own system directly to the B-IT network through an additional VPN connection.

In reversal conlusion, users of the DFNRoaming or direct cooperating partners should get access to the internet in the B-IT (normally vie WLAN) in the same uncomplicated way.

Register for PNAS@Bit (available only from Computers within Bit-Network)

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