Virus-Protection in 8 steps with McAfee (tm)

For employees of the B-IT the private usage of McAfee is covered through the frame contract. You can download the program here. (Because of licensing reasons the download is only available within the B-IT network). Please be sure to have an internet connection while installing the program in order to download the latest virus definition file! In case you don`t have an internet connection available during installation, you can download the virus definition here (German). After installation it will do to execute the file in order to be up to date.

Step 1: Unpack the installation files:

The best is to place the files onto your Desktop so it`s easier to find them and to delete them after installation.
  • Create an folder Temp on your Desktop
  • Double click onto the file: VSE80iLDE.exe
  • Now you should see an window like on the left. Click on "Durchsuchen" and choose the folder you created. Click on "Extrahieren"
Step 2: Start the installation:

Change into the just created folder and execute “setup.exe”.
Step 3: Accept the license:

Choose “perpetual” as License expiry type, accept the license agreement and accept it by clicking on “OK”.
Step 4: Installation-type:

The installation-program will do the job for you. The easiest way is to choose the standard-installation and click on “weiter”.
Step 5: Post-Installation:

After the installation of the neccessary files the left shown window should come up. It offers you the possibility to download the latest signature-files from the internet (recommend). In addition McAfee offers you the possibility to scan the computer afterwards (recommend). Activate both checkboxes an click “Fertig stellen”.

Step 6 & 7: Update and scan:

Lean back, these steps will be done automatically. If you have an established internet-connection, the program downloads the latest signature-files and scas your system. (In case you activated this in the previous window). If you don`t have an internet-connection it`s highly recommend to update the signature-files by hand.
Step 8: Restart the System:

In order to complete the installation you have to restart your PC. Close all programs, click “OK” and restart your PC MANUALLY.
post_install.jpg After the restart:

After restarting the system you`ll find a new entry Network Associates in the program-folder of the startmenu.
console.jpg The VirusScan Console

Here you can change all the settings affecting the virus-scanner. (like update-time, drives to monitor…). At AutoUpdate (double-click) you can choose the intervall for updating the definition files. You can update the program manually by clicking on “Jetzt”.

Please choose reasonable times for systems, which aren`t permanently connected to the internet!
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