Guest Accounts

There are two kinds of guest accounts available at b-it. Both are reserved for external afiliates and attendees of conferences or workshops only. If you are entitled to a standard user account, you have to create one of those instead.

Wireless Networks for Conferences and Workshops

There are generic wireless accounts available for all attendees of conferences or workshops that are hosted at b-it. The host just requests a certain number of accounts for the event and will afterwards receive a pdf with a corresponding number of pages, each one representing a documentation for use and a username/password combination. The user will personalize this account with his own personal data while logging in for the first time. These accounts are not designed to work in the computer pools or other resources other than the wireless network to which they belong.

To request guest accounts for our conference systems, please send an email explaining the type and name of the event for which they will be used and include the number of accounts you will need. Send this information to the following address:


Don't forget to replace the (AD) with an '@'.

Full Access to b-it Infrastructure for Guests

If you or your guests need access to the computer pools or you need to work closely together with an affiliate without the need for higher account features like email etc. you can request guest accounts for our complete infrastructure. those guest accounts will be similar to our standard user accounts except the accounts will be temporary and will not be able to use the account features that are originating in the computer science department (like i.e. the email server).

You can request a full infrastructure account at the following address: (available from inside of b-it network *only*)

You will find all additional information you may need there.

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