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Beginning with the winter semester 2016, all new students will *NOT* receive an email address from the c.s. dept. anymore! Please use the Universities email service instead. You will find all necessary information regarding the IT-Services provided by the University on these pages:


By creating a new user account in the cs dept. a new email account is created. Your email address is:

students: “username@cs.uni-bonn.de”

For students: the password for your email account is the same as your password for the unix-systems at the cs dept. (the password you have entered when you created or renewed your account).

For staff: the password is the same as issued to you by the systems group after you began working at b-it.

IMPORTANT: Your email account is a basic source for information. Important informations are communicated to you this way. So it is mandatory to check your email account at regular intervals for new messages.

Password changes are discussed in this article.

Using your E-Mail-Account

If you are using b-it computers please use the email client “Thunderbird”. Thunderbird will be automatically pre-configured for your usage after the first login at b-it windows computers managed by sgbit.

Using other computers (e.g. your own notebook) you can either connect to the mailserver via webmail interface (SquirrelMail) or you connect using a email-client via IMAP. Informations concerning the configuration are available on the informational pages of the mail server (in German only).

Quick configuration information:

  • Postausgang / outgoing mail:
    • (E)SMTP: postfix.iai.uni-bonn.de
      for the three ports and six possible combinations of TLS/SSL and AUTH refer to this page (german only):
      1. TLS and optional AUTH: port 587 (submission),
      2. SSL and optional AUTH: port 465 (ehemals smtps)
      3. ->One of the two last mentioned procedures including AUTHentication via our server postfix is assumption for using internal email addresses as sender if sending messages from external systems)
  • Posteingang / incoming mail
    • IMAPS: mailbox.iai.uni-bonn.de port 993 (imaps, standard)
    • POP3S: mailbox.iai.uni-bonn.de port 995 (pop3s, standard)
  • Username/Passwords: std. username (unqualified, without any domains) and central UNIX (LDAP) Passwords

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