Account Renewal

Every year (between Nov. 1st and Nov. 31th), your user account in the CS Dept. has to be renewed.

For renewing your account you need the password for the account in the Institut für Informatik. This is the one you have entered when you created or renewed your account in Römerstraße. This password is also identical with the password you are using for your E-Mail account.

The IT Administration of the CS Dept was so kind to provide a documentation for the process:

If you choose to renew online or in Pool B, feel free to alternatively bring your (signed) form to us, we will send it over to the SGN for free.

If your account is locked (this is the case, if you can not succesfully login to, you can only renew your account with the help of SGN in the Römerstrasse. After you have renewed your locked account, your account at the b-it will be reactivated automatically within a day.

You have to return your request to the Institut für Informatik within 14 days. Otherwise your request will be canceled.

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