Account Registration Process

Prerequisite for the sign-up process is a valid immatriculation at the University of Bonn or the RWTH Aachen!

The following steps are available as a printable PDF document: account-registration.pdf

Please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Institute of Computer Science, AVZ III, Römerstrasse 164 in Bonn. There you will find two available computer terminals which can be used to sign up.
  2. Or go to Pool B in the B-IT building, where you can use the terminals Pool-B-07/08/09.
  3. Press the Enter key to start the process.
  4. Answer all the questions on the screen. If you are a student from Aachen, please choose the „Nebenfach“ registration, for you are no valid student of the university of Bonn.
  5. After completing the registration process, a printout will be waiting for you in the printer behind you. Please sign that form and throw it in the box in the same room. If you are a student of RWTH Aachen, you will need an additional subscription on this form from your teaching personnel.
  6. After a few days (usually the following friday) you will be able to retrieve your new account.
  7. If you registered your account in the B-IT-Building, you're now finished. Else take your username to the B-IT building and meet with the members of the IT Administration in Room 0.6 to activate this account for the B-IT computer systems.
    This procedure is neccessary because the namespace of usernames is shared between all institutes of CS in Bonn and the central database for this namespace is located and administrated only at the Römerstrasse.
    This procedure will have to be done only at the beginning of your studies. Every year you will have to renew your CS account remotely, so you have to visit the Römerstrasse only once (for this purpose). Your B-IT account does not have to be renewed but it is linked to the CS account. That means: If the CS account is locked because you forget to renew it in time then your b-it account is also locked. Please excuse the resulting inconvenience.
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