Access the B-IT-Network through 802.1X (Windows XP)


All WLAN Options at b-it require the registration of your b-it account for PNAS@BIT prior to connection configuration of your mobile system at the following address:

Register for PNAS@BIT

Absolute necessary for usage of 802.1X is the installation of our CA-certificate in your systems “certification store”. You can find a short step-by-step guidance here.
Without installing the certificate, you cannot get an 802.1X connection. Unfortunately Windows does not give an error message!

Please guarantee, that the DHCP-server can assign an IP-address to your laptop. You can find a small guidance here.

In addition, you should consider that it's not windows default behaviour to connect to open ad-hoc networks. There can be long time delays, when windows tries to restore connections to networks it was connected earlier and which are not currently available.

At this point we emphasize the importance of correctly maintaining the connecting systems regarding the protection from virii, worms and the unauthorized access of third persons. Please consider our hints and installation assistance under “Security”!

0_jpg.jpg Open the Windows WLAN client
After that open the “Advanced Settings”
1_jpg.jpg Click onto the “Wireless Networks” tab
3_jpg.jpg Please choose “Use Windows to configure…“
After that click onto “ADD”, in order to set up a new network
4a_jpg.jpg You have to enter “802.1X” as the network name (SSID)
Please choose “WPA” as network authentication”.
Data encryption has to be “TKIP”.
Click “OK” then.
5_jpg.jpg as “EAP-type” choose “Protected EAP (PEAP)” and activate the “Authenticate as computer …” checkbox.
At “Protected EAP Properties” do all settings as shown on the left. If the entry is missing, you have to install the CA Certificate first. Before closing this window with the “OK” button, click on “Configure”.
8_jpg.jpg Deactivate “Automatically use my …” checkbox, because you have to use other account settings, than your local account in order to get network access.
Confirm with “OK”.
10_jpg.jpg In the Tray at the lower right, a balloon should pop up. Click on it once, and you will be requested to enter your logon credentials. (See next picture)
11_jpg.jpg After entering your PNAS@BIT credentials, click on “OK”. (Be sure to leave the “Logon domain” blank. Now you should get connected to the 802.1X network. (This can take a few seconds)

At this point we should mention, that windows saves your “logon Credentials” (username and password) in the registry. Whenever your account-data has changed (e.g. you changed your password), we recommend to create a file “802.1X_UserDel.reg” with the following contents:



When importing this into the registry (double click) it deletes the “Logon Credentials” for the currently logged on user and you have the possibility to enter them again.

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