Connecting the B-IT net via 802.1X (Windows VISTA)


All WLAN Options at b-it require the registration of your b-it account for PNAS@BIT prior to connection configuration of your mobile system at the following address:

Register for PNAS@BIT

For the usage of 802.1X it is compulsory to install our CA certificate. A short step-by-step instruction can be found here.
If the certificate is not installed, no connection will be created. Unfortunately Windows will not throw any error message!

Your notebook has to configure its IP-adress via DHCP. (How to ensure the correct configuration under vista.)

Additionally please pay attention: Windows does not connect to open Ad-hoc nets by default. There myay occure considerable delays, if Windows tries to connect to other (known) nets which are no longer available.

Step-by-step: Configure 802.1X under Windows Vista

Click “Start” → “Connect To”.
Click on the blue text “Set up a connection or network”.
Choose the option “Manuelly connect to a wireless network” and confirm by clicking “Next”.
Please set the properties as shown on the image on the left side.
Please pay attention: The name of the network is case sensitive. 802.1X has to be written with a capital X.
Important: The option “Connect even if the network is not broadcasting” has to be activated.
Confirm by clicking “Next”.
When the window shown on the left opens, please click “change connection settings”.
In the following window please click “Security” ensure that you have set up the properties as shown on the left.
After that, please click “Settings…”.
Please setup the options as shown on the left. The entry will only show up if you installed our CA certificate before, so do that first! Click on “Configure…” to continue.
Ensure that “Automatically use my Windows logon name and password” is not activated.
Please confirm three times with “OK”.
After that the Pop-Up “Additional information is required to connect to 802.1X” appears. Click on the blue text.
Please type in your username and your password. Please pay attention that you attach ”” to your username. Confirm with “OK”.
Once again a Pop-Up appears. Click on the blue text.
Finally you have to confirm by clicking on “OK”.
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