Connecting the B-IT net via 802.1X using XML profile (Windows vista / 7 / 8)


All WLAN Options at b-it require the registration of your b-it account for PNAS@BIT prior to connection configuration of your mobile system at the following address:

Register for PNAS@BIT

Step-by-step: Configure 802.1X under Windows 7 / 8

ONLY RELEVANT FOR Windows 8: Open the Desktop-View by Clicking the start icon in the right sidemenu (move the mouse to the bottom right corner to open it) Download our WiFi Configuration aid ””. Extract it somewhere and enter the directory by double clicking on it. Execute “add-802.1X.bat” by doubleclicking on it. This script will first try to remove all prior versions of the 802.1X profile and then installs a new version which has everything preconfigured correctly for you. There will be no need for any additional steps like the certificate installation, it will be installed automatically. please verify the certificate fingerprint and accept the certificate installation when asked.
After that the Pop-Up “Additional information is required to connect to 802.1X” appears. Click on the blue text.
Please type in your username and your password. Please make sure that you do not forget to add ”” to your username. Confirm with “OK”.
Finally you are connected
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