802.1X Configuration for Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard (>=10.5)


All WLAN Options at b-it require the registration of your b-it account for PNAS@BIT prior to connection configuration of your mobile system at the following address:

Register for PNAS@BIT

Attention: we use a self-signed certificate during initial PEAP Authentication. Please make sure you check the certificate fingerprints to ensure your credential's safety:

SHA1: 79 A1 0E EE 73 91 2F 17 FB 49 08 70 DD 63 79 F2 3F 28 AB 96

At this point we emphasize the importance of correctly maintaining the connecting systems regarding the protection from virii, worms and the unauthorized access of third persons. Please consider our hints and installation assistance under “Security”!

For (Mountain) Lion users:

As we do not have testing systems for later Versions than 10.6 anymore, we cannot provide more recent documentation. See Apples 802.1X hints at this KB Article:

Lion & Mountain Lion 802.1X KB Article

Open the network dialog in the system configuration editor. Select the Airport adapter and click on “Advanced”.
In the “AirPort” Tab, click on the little ”+” button under the network list to manually add a new network configuration.
Configure a new Network with the name “802.1X” (case sensitive) and WPA2 Encryption. Leave the rest empty and untouched. Click on “Add”.
Now select the “802.1X” Tab and add a new Configuration with the little ”+” button.
Call it what you want, enter your username including the bit-domain (username@bit.uni-bonn.de). Enter password. Disable all Authentications except PEAP and move it up to the first location on the list. Enter the Wireless Network “802.1X” and select WPA2 as encryption. Check all the entered data twice using the screenshot. Accept all with “Ok”.
Apply the changes. Click on connect and everything should work out like shown.
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