CA certificate (Vista)

Please download the file cisco-acs-cert-2017.cer. Please save the file in a place, where you can retrieve it, for example your Desktop.

Because of some error in the routine for the automatic certificate import, you wil have to install the certificate manually:

cert1.jpg Open the the certificate with a double click. (Yours should be named “cisco-acs-cert.cer”)
cert2.jpg In the appearing window click on “Install Certificate”.
cert3.jpg The certificate-import-assistent for Windows Vista starts. Confirm with “Next”.
cert4.jpg Activate “Place all certificates in the following store”. Click on “Browse”.
cert5.jpg Select in the appearing window the option “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” and confirm with “OK”.
cert6.jpg Click on “Finish”.
cert7.jpg Confirm the following security warning with “Yes” if the fingerprint matches the following one: “‎EE:45:CB:B7:8E:56:BC:4E:4C:C9:35:D6:A5:17:CF:8E:59:F0:B5:F5” (SHA1).
cert8.jpg Confirm the success message with “OK”.
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