CA Zertifikat (XP)

Please download the certificate: cisco-acs-cert-2017.cer. Save it somewhere, where you can simply reach it, e.g. your Desktop.

1_jpg.jpg Double click onto the certificate. (yours should be named “cisco-acs-cert.cer)
2_jpg.jpg Click “Install Certificate”.
3_jpg.jpg Click “Next”
4_jpg.jpg Choose “Automatically select…” and click “Next”.
5_jpg.jpg Click “Finish”…
6_jpg.jpg … and confirm the upcoming message with “Yes” if the fingerprint matches the following one: “EE:45:CB:B7:8E:56:BC:4E:4C:C9:35:D6:A5:17:CF:8E:59:F0:B5:F5” (SHA1).
Now the certificate is stored in the “Certificate Store”.
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