802.1X for Android Devices

Attention: as Android devices tend to run on diverse hardware, the behavior of them - even with identical software versions - is not really comparable over different platforms. There is no guarantee that 802.1X connections will work on all devices! Because of that we hope that you understand our decision to provide no official support for any android platform.

Here are the necessary parameters, enter them in the wi-fi settings menu as a new connection:

SSID: 802.1X
Security: 802.1X Enterprise
EAP Method: PEAP
Phase2 Authentication: MSCHAPv2
CA Certificate:cisco-acs-cert-2017 Please download the certificate prior to WiFi Profile generation and install it via Settings→Security→Install from device Storage. You can skip this and select nothing here to download the certificate later, but be advised that your device will not check the WiFi networks authenticity in this case, which will enable bystanders to spy your b-it password, we do not recommend this!
Identity: <username>@bit.uni-bonn.de replace <username> with your own username
Anonymous Identity: leave it empty
Password: <password> use the same password as during login to our windows systems

Save it and activate. Some screenshots for clarification:

Or here for Android 4.2.*:

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