Information 802.1x


All WLAN Options at b-it require the registration of your b-it account for PNAS@BIT prior to connection configuration of your mobile system at the following address:

Register for PNAS@BIT

802.1X is one of two Solutions for connecting any Computer to the B-IT IP-Network.

Especially in terms of WLAN usage 802.1X does have advantages over the more traditional solution VPN.

Just like VPN, 802.1X does guarantee secure transmission of login information and data.

For more in-depth information about setting up your computer for usage of the BIT-WLAN via 802.1X, please refer to the howtos provided on this site.

Attention: we use a self-signed certificate during initial PEAP Authentication. Please make sure you check the certificate fingerprints to ensure your credentials safety:

SHA1: EE:45:CB:B7:8E:56:BC:4E:4C:C9:35:D6:A5:17:CF:8E:59:F0:B5:F5

The old certificate has expired on 2017-11-10, please replace the old one with the active one from this site and select it as a valid certificate for authentication in the 802.1X profile security settings.

  • WLAN Network Name / SSID: 802.1X
  • WLAN Authentification: WPA/WPA2 (or 802.1X)
  • WLAN Encryption: TKIP/AES
  • EAP Type: PEAP
  • PEAP Authentification: EAP/MS-CHAPv2
  • Username: Your PNAS@BIT username (
  • Password: The password for your account
  • Domain: leave blank.
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